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HIV Counselling

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus ) is the virus that causes the disease called AIDS ( Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ).

HIV attacks and gradually damages and destroys the immune cells of the human body, thus weakening the body's resistance to various other diseases.

The first indications of HIV infection appear after days 14 to 28 from actual exposure. These are flu like symptoms along with some fever and sore throat etc and are often not taken seriously by the infected person.

If you become infected from HIV, then this virus will always remain in your body.

HIV can be effectively suppressed but can not be 100% eradicated from the human body.

The aim of treatment is to ensure that the Viral Load ( quantity / amount of virus ) in the blood should be very, very low; so low that it is non detectable. At such low ( undetectable ) levels, the virus can not be transmitted to another person. Thus, you become a safe person once again. Such safe individuals can continue to lead and enjoy a normal, healthy, long life just like other HIV negative people.

You need to keep going back periodically to your HIV specialist to ensure that your viral load continues to remain undetectable.

When the viral load is high, it leads to a significant reduction in the number of CD4 cells ( type of white blood cell ). The CD4 count indicates the severity of infection. Lesser the CD4 count, more severe is your infection from HIV.

The aim of treatment is to ensure that the viral load decreases to undetectable levels, which allows the CD4 count to increase back to the previous normal or near normal levels.

HIV patients if untreated, display frank symptoms of AIDS in about 10 years from the time of infection.

You can manage a normal life with HIV but not with AIDS.

We, at Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic do HIV Counseling, HIV testing and HIV treatment including Pre Exposure Prophylaxis ( PrEP ) and Post Exposure Prophylaxis ( PEP ). In case you are having any HIV symptoms, please call us immediately at 8010977000 / 9999219128 for an appointment with Dr. Yuvraj Monga, ( MBBS; MD ) who is a qualified expert with more than 22 years of experience in managing such patients.