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Who We Are

If you are infected with HIV, we are your confidant, your counsellor, and your doctor. We provide counselling, testing and treatment to HIV infected people.

If you have indulged in unprotected sex off late and are anxious about your encounter, you must not worry and visit us. We will not just clear the doubts cropping up in your head but will also provide required testing, counselling and treatment for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

We listen and we understand

The single most important key to success is to be a good listener. Kelly Wearstler

We do not just listen to the people and prescribe tests and treatment. We adopt an empathetic approach to make you feel important and cared for. This basic approach instils a positive attitude which forms the basis of a potent treatment.

We understand how important it is to listen to a person in order to create camaraderie. We listen to your anxieties and insecurities and do our best to make you feel better and adopt positivity.

We answer your questions

As HIV and STDs are still the subjects that are discussed in a hushed tone, it gets almost impossible for a person to understand the subject. We answer all the questions and impart the knowledge pertaining to HIV, AIDS and STDs.

We answer your queries and help you stay informed.

We educate you

We educate you about this very subject and other subjects revolving around the same. We help you delineate the difference between HIV and AIDs and tell you about all the sexually-transmitted infections and diseases.

We tell you about the causative factors, signs and symptoms, treatment phases, preventive measures that you should adopt, the effect of infection on your lifestyle, the lifestyle changes that you should adopt and the effect of all these changes on the state of infection.

We inculcate positivity

Exposure to HIV is not the end of life. We help you spot the silver lining and make you feel better and positive. Positivity defines possibilities and we show you come face to face with all the possibilities of a much better tomorrow.

A positive attitude speeds up the treatment and recovery process. We encourage you to adopt a healthy lifestyle so as to live a longer and a much healthier life.

Apt treatment

We are an expert in the field and provide potent therapy to you. We have a large facility where we conduct various diagnostic tests and provide the most coming-of-age treatment to HIV infected people.

Our counsellors

We have the best counsellors who educate you and provide you with clarity on the subject. Our counsellors are experts and have ample experience and knowledge in the field. They understand the insecurities and fears harboured by a person who is infected with HIV. They run from post to pillar to comfort you and make you feel better.

Our counsellors don�t just suggest a potent treatment but help you to adopt a better lifestyle to outlive your anxiety, fears, and insecurities.