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How to Prevent HIV from Turning into AIDS?

Being HIV positive doesn't mean that you have AIDS. However, in the absence of proper treatment during the early stages and without taking precautions, HIV can turn into AIDS.

Delaying AIDS via medications

One of the potent ways to prevent HIV from turning into AIDS is by taking proper medications. ART or antiretroviral therapy is given to a person infected from HIV to prevent him from graduating into advanced stages of the infection.

Without treatment, HIV progresses to AIDS within ten years or more. And, AIDS can lead to death within three years.

ART therapy slows down the replication of the human immunodeficiency virus. You must note that ART is not a cure for AIDS. It just keeps the infection from exacerbating. In many people, the therapy reduces the virus load or the amount of virus in the body.

Taking HIV medicines every single day as prescribed can prevent HIV from turning into AIDS.

Other important tips:

- Avoid stress

Stress hampers the immune system and makes it susceptible to infections. It is better to avoid stress altogether. You must ensure taking sound sleep and practice yoga or meditation.

- Vaccinations

Even common infections like flu can lead to a flare-up in HIV patients and so, it is important to get vaccinations on regular intervals for infections.

- Safe sex

Prevention is always better than cure and hence, you must practice safe sex with your partner.

- Take care of your body

You must take care of your body to ensure a long and healthy life. Quit smoking and alcohol, exercise regularly and take a healthy diet.

These are some ways to prevent HIV from turning into AIDS.