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Normally, Commercial Sex Workers ( CSWs ) are a source of HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases ( STD ). Non CSW individuals also may be an infected source of Sexually Transmitted Infections ( STI ), including HIV.

Therefore it is advisable to practice �safe� sex with all individuals other than your healthy spouse.

At our Centre � Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic ( DMAMC ), great care is taken to attend the patients with precision and compassion.

A Senior Sex Counselor listens attentively and immaculately records the patient�s recent & past sexual activities. Anxiety is redressed very patiently after listening to and understanding the patient�s immediate worries and needs in great detail.

The HIV Specialist then examines the patient in detail and assess the current clinical profile, based on which, he recommends certain investigative tests to be done in order to determine the concomitant presence or absence of STD / STI.

All efforts are made to initiate Post Exposure Prophylaxis ( PEP ) within the golden window of the first 72 hours from the actual time of the first, unsafe, sexual exposure. PEP continues uninterrupted for 28 days.

At DMAMC, PEP involves the integrated usage of Shastrokt Ayurveda based products and the most modern available allopathic medicines from the most reliable and trusted global brands. Every prescribed component of our PEP Therapy has a specific, benefit based role. Such an intensive treatment ensures that the patient is totally insulated from the dangers of HIV.

Genuine medicines and brands for PEP are readily available at DMAMC for the convenience of the patient. The patient is however free to procure the prescribed medicines from any source of his choice. We do not compel / force the patient in any manner.

After the successful completion of PEP, the patient is tested for the Viral Load and CD4 count, based on which the patient�s HIV status is determined.

PEP is initiated strictly in line with and as per the well established, most recently updated, documented, International guidelines approved and followed by the Medical Council of India ( MCI ) and also as notified by the other relevant nodal government health agencies of our country.

Every attempt is made to practice, incorporate, and demonstrate definite Ethical Medical Practices by giving a proper, legible and legitimate prescription to the patient, both physically ( hard copy ) and digitally ( electronic ).

An elaborate counseling session ensures complete transparency with the patient in all respects.

With many senior and well qualified Specialists, the Dr. Monga Ayurvedic Medi Clinic ( DMAMC ) is a very respected and trusted Health Centre for a wide range of Sexual disorders, STDs / STIs and Anti Retro Viral Therapy ( ART ) for HIV in particular.